Main Training Events Undertaken/Planned

Event Lead Organizer Date (actual or planned) Venue Link
Metrology and measurement workshop OP 8th-11th September 2015 Paris, France http://syrte.obspm.fr/workshopFACT/
Advanced Technical Training Camp I EPFL 17th-20th August 2014 Monte Verita, Italy http://mfca2014.epfl.ch/
Complementary Skills Training Camp I Kayser Italia 6th-7th July 2015 KI, Livorno, Italy http://www.kayser.it/index.php/events
Summer School INRIM 29th June - 3rd Juli2015 INRIM, Turin, Italy http://www.inrim.it/OC2015
Complementary Skills Training Camp II Menlo Systems, KT, KI Month 30 Munich, Germany
Advanced Training Course II LUH/PTB Month 30 Hannover, Germany
Job Fair UNINE Month 36 Neuchatel, Switzerland
ESR led Event ESRs Month 39 Birmingham, UK

Mid Term Review and Metrology and Measurement Workshop: Sept 8-11, 2015, in Paris

Local contact: Rodolphe Le Targat


Program: http://syrte.obspm.fr/workshopFACT/index.php?id=program

Sept 8 - Sept 10 (Lunch):

This time will be dedicated to the FACT workshop and a tour to the relevant labs. All the ESRs must participate.

Sept 10 After Lunch:

Preparation for the Mid Term Review- As part of the Mid Term Review, all the ESRs are expected to give 15 minutes presentation each on their progress and future plan. So after lunch, we plan to internally go through them.

Sept 11 (Full day):

Mid-Term Review Meeting for FACT. This is held in the presence of the EU Officer and an Indendent Technical Expert. All ESRs and PIs must attend and the Associate Partner, Entanglement Tech are encouraged to attend.

Report: 2015 ITN FACT workshop at l'Observatoire de Paris

Advanced Technical Training Camp I, August 17-20 2014, Monte Verita, Italy

Complimentary Skills 1 Workshop in Livorno, Italy, July 6-7, 2015

Local contacts: Alessandra Tortora - Alessandro Donati

Website: http://www.inrim.it/OC2015/

This Workshop is also mandatory for the FACT Fellows.

Report: fact_607493_ki_complementary_skiils_workshop_report_july_2015.pdf

Summer School on Optical Clocks in Turin, Italy, June 29-July 3, 2015

Local Contact: Davide Calonico

Website: http://www.inrim.it/OC2015/

All the FACT ESRs must attend the Summer School, though there could be some opportunity for additional students. For that, please contact, Davide Calonico.

Report: fact_607493_summer_school_inrim_report_july_2015.pdf

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