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Future Atomic Clock Technology 'FACT'


Future Atomic Clock Technology (FACT) is an Initial Training Network (ITN) funded by the European Union under FP7. FACT has 14 Early Stage Researchers based at 14 Partners from 5 European Countries as follows:(find detailed information here:)

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This ITN addresses the development of optical clocks and frequency standards from lab based to commercially as well as space viable systems and applications by implementing a training program covering all aspects from the atomic reference and ultra stable lasers to frequency comb synthesis, precision frequency distribution and commercial system technology. It focuses on technological developments enhancing the technology readiness level of the new optical atomic clocks, enhancing the chance that they are picked up by the commercial sector. For these research projects, the vehicle will be space technology.

ESR Projects

find detailed information here

Fellow number Project title Host institution Relevant Work Package(s)
ESR1 Advanced atomics & computer control UoB (WP1, WP2)
ESR2 Transportable Sr optical clok PTB WP1, WP2, WP3
ESR3 Frequency comb Menlo WP3, WP4
ESR4 Microresonator based combs EPFL WP3
ESR5 Mg optical clock LUH WP1, WP2, WP3
ESR6 Yb optical clock INRIM WP1, WP2, WP3
ESR7 Sr oprical clock & fiber link UNIFI WP1, WP3
ESR8 Yb Transportable optical clock HHUD WP1, WP2, WP3
ESR9 Advanced laser systems for space metrology OP WP1, WP2, WP4
ESR10 Advanced sytems for Sr space optical clocks NPL WP1, WP2
ESR11 Opical clock systems for space KT WP4
ESR12 Towards transfering optical clocks to space KI WP4
ESR13 Atom chip UoN WP1
ESR14 Ultra stable frequency combs UNINE WP2, WP3


Researcher No. Host Beneficiary Place of Secondment Length of Secondment Purpose
ESR1 UoB PTB regular secondments over 6M Full characterization and comparison of Sr clock w.r.t other clocks, frequency comb, and data analysis.
ESR2 PTB LUH regular secondments over 6M Experience with Mg optical clock and contribute to advancing frequency transfer technology via fibre link for comparison with other clocks at PTB.
ESR3 Menlo Systems EPFL 6M Micro-resonator based frequency combs
ESR4 EPFL Menlo Systems 6M Make a comparative study with respect to conventional frequency combs
ESR5 LUH PTB Regular secondments over 6M Mg clock comparison via advancing frequency transfer technology via fibre link
ESR6 INRIM UNIFI Regular visits over 32M Set up advancing frequency transfer technology via fibre link
ESR7 UNIFI INRIM Regular visits over 32M Set up advancing frequency transfer technology via fibre link
ESR8 HHUD INRIM 4M Characterization of advanced mobile Yb clock against stable references available in house
ESR9 OP UNINE 3M ULE resonator exchange
ESR10 NPL UoB 3M Experience with advanced temperature-controlled cold atom chamber design and installation
ESR11 KT NPL 4M Learn and gain experience with optical resonators, multi laser stabilization unit FSS, vacuum system for a clock
ESR12 KI UoB 4M Application of computer interfaces in a real atom clock
ESR13 UoN LUH 4M Experience with loading and investigation of a magical lattice
ESR14 UNINE OP 3M Learn about space mobile ULE cavities & fibre links
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